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What is HEAVT ™? 

Dr. Roger Vertrees conducted his first whole-body hyperthermia trial on patients with HIV-AIDS. While the study showed the effectiveness of whole-body hyperthermia to kill deadly viruses, the development of an effective drug therapy at the time led Dr. Vertrees to change his focus to metastatic cancers. 

The recent global pandemic calls for an all-hands on deck approach from the global community to find not only a vaccine, but effective treatments for those for whom the vaccine will not work. In April 2020, Dr. Ben Carson as part of the Covid task force, requested a white paper from the Verthermia® team about the potential effects of HEATT therapy on Covid-19. The resulting white paper is linked under White Pages.

This avenue of using HEATT® as a last line of defense against deadly viruses is known as HEAVT™ (Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Viral Therapy). The future use of HEAVT™ as a part of the global solution to deadly viruses has great potential and is a focus of future Vethermia® research.