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Abstract Flame

The science community has long recognized the positive effects of heat on the destruction of tumors. Verthermia® employs Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®), a patented, whole-body hyperthermic therapy that is intended to extend and enhance daily living activities in end-stage cancer patients. While under anesthesia, the patient is placed under a clinically induced high fever for a sustained period of time. This is accomplished by the proprietary technology of Verthermia® that was used in two FDA Phase 1 clinical trials. Based on the data from these trials, HEATT® damaged and destroyed ovarian and lung cancers. These results were achieved by raising the patient’s whole-body temperature to 42°C, while keeping the blood flow moving throughout the body.

What is HEATT®?

During the procedure, the patients’ body functions are closely monitored to ensure that the body systems are functioning properly while exposed to heat. After a period of time, the tumors are damaged or destroyed. The HEATT® process removes the toxic byproducts resulting from the procedure. Whole-body hyperthermia, such as that used in HEATT®, changes the cell structure of the cancer cells. HEATT® has been used in combination with chemotherapy. Additional benefits of HEATT® include a positive immune response, enhancing the body’s defense systems against illness and disease, and continuing the attack on cancer cells even after the therapy is completed. Verthermia® has developed this technology and therapy over the course of 30+ years of research by the Verthermia® team.

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