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What is HEATT®?

The science community has long recognized the positive effect of heat on the destruction of tumors. HEATT® (Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy) is ®Verthermia’s patented highly effective whole-body hyperthermic therapy that extends and enhances daily living activities in end-stage cancer patients.  While under anesthesia, the patient is placed under a clinically induced high fever for a sustained period-of-time. This is accomplished by ®Verthermia’s proprietary technology tested in two FDA phase 1 clinical trials proving effective on both ovarian and lung cancers. By raising the patient’s whole-body temperature to 42°C , while keeping the blood flow moving throughout the body, cancer cells are destroyed.

During the procedure, patients’ body functions are closely monitored to ensure body-systems are functioning properly while exposed to heat. After the tumors are destroyed, the HEATT® process effectively removes the toxic by-products resulting from the procedure, returning the patient to improved quality and longevity of life. Whole-body hyperthermia, such as that used in HEATT, changes the cell structure of the cancer cells, making other more traditional cancer treatments more effective. HEATT has been used in combination with chemotherapy and has shown increased effectiveness than chemotherapy alone in hospice patients. Additional benefits of HEATT® include a positive immune response enhancing the body’s natural defense systems against illness and disease, continuing the attack on cancer cells even after the therapy is completed. Verthermia® has developed this technology and therapy over the course of 30+ years of research at the hands of the Verthermia® team.