®Verthermia’s contemporary research in whole body hyperthermia builds upon the century-old research of Wm. B. Coley who demonstrated that heat, properly applied, had therapeutic effects on tumors. During its two FDA Phase-1 Clinical Trials, Verthermia® demonstrated the effective application of its proprietary Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®) process, which exploits the cancer cell, the tumor, the tumor’s environment, and the metastasizing cancer cell’s travels via the blood stream. Verthermia® has spent 30+ years studying and refining this technique that is delivered using the company’s patent-pending device, CoreHFC™. By raising the patient’s whole-body temperature to 42° Celsius, while keeping the blood flow moving throughout the body, cancer cells are destroyed. During the procedure, patients’ body functions are closely monitored to ensure safety to body-systems while exposed to heat. After the tumors are destroyed, the HEATT® process effectively removes the toxic by-products resulting from the procedure, returning the patient to improved quality and longevity of life.

The Science of HEATT®


Why 42°C?

Through its decades of research, the Verthermia® team has discovered the effective and safe therapeutic temperature for whole body hyperthermia, as shown in its 2001 Lung trial. Elevating the temperature to 41°C or higher results in the compromise of the cell structure of cancer cells. However, heating the temperature above 43°C results in destruction of normal cells. The positives effects of this therapeutic heating of the blood can be seen in the results of the two Phase-1 clinical trials conducted by Verthermia®.