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Kinexum LLC

Kinexum is an international healthcare consulting group specializing in regulatory strategy, clinical development, and commercialization. Kinexum consultants are former senior level FDA and/or industry experts with broad expertise in regulatory, nonclinical, clinical, manufacturing, and commercialization. Kinexum has helped more than 300 companies over the past decade to expedite successful value milestones. Kinexum has provided strategic services to companies based in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. Kinexum is known for its high value, high impact solutions for complex issues in a broad range of therapeutic areas. Our in-house medical expertise in diabetes/metabolism, cardiology, immunology/oncology, and gastroenterology have experience in a full range of product development strategies including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device, diagnostics, botanicals, and nutraceuticals. Combined with access to a global network of professionals in clinical/regulatory strategy, pharmacology, toxicology, chemistry & manufacturing, biostatistics, project management, contract research services, and global regulatory / FDA interactions and compliance can be fully integrated to efficiently achieve objectives and reach valuation milestones.

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