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For many cancer patients, traditional therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation have been effective. However, for those who have not been helped by traditional treatments, there is renewed hope through state Right to Try laws. These laws remove previous obstacles to accessing investigative therapies and treatments in one’s fight against cancer. It is the patient’s right, as protected under this law, to pursue other avenues which are still under clinical trial in the fight for their lives. With two Phase 1 clinical trials completed, HEATT® therapy of Verthermia® is available to treat patients under eligible state Right to Try laws.



Right to Try Laws

Some common eligibility requirements to be considered for a treatment under Right to Try laws may include a patient who has:

  • Been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or condition.

  • Exhausted approved treatment options and is unable to participate in a clinical trial involving the eligible investigational drug, treatment, or device.

  • Obtained the recommendation of their consulting physician, who is in good standing with their licensing organization or board and who will not be compensated directly by the manufacturer for certifying.

  • Provided, or their legally authorized representative has provided, written informed consent regarding the eligible investigational drug, treatment ,or device to the treating physician.

If you have questions about eligibility for HEATT® Therapy under Right to Try laws, please email us at:

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