Ovarian Cancer Trial Result: Extended survival rate vs. expected survival rate

Expected and Actual Survival Months with
Relative Failed Lines of Chemotherapy and # Cycles of HEATT®

Ovarian results chart.png

The data showing the extension of life expectancy supports the assertion of the effectiveness of whole-body hyperthermia by Verthermia®. The average expected survival was 7.82 months for all 10 patients [1]. The resulting average survival was 19.7 months (596 days); this increase shows the effectiveness of HEATT® to extend life. 

[1] Hanker LC, Loibl S, Burchardi N, et al. The impact of second to sixth line therapy on survival of relapsed ovarian cancer after primary taxane/platinum-based therapy. Annals of Oncology. 2012 Oct 1;23(10):2605-12.