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Ovarian Cancer Trial Result: Extended survival rate vs. expected survival rate

Expected and Actual Survival Months with
Relative Failed Lines of Chemotherapy

*Patients who received no further chemotherapy after HEATT®.

[1] Hanker LC, Loibl S, Burchardi N, et al. The impact of second to sixth line therapy on survival of relapsed ovarian cancer after primary taxane/platinum-based therapy. Annals of Oncology. 2012 Oct 1;23(10):2605-12.

The median expected survival of all ten patients from the day they failed their traditional therapy prior to HEATT® was 8.9 months. This estimation was based on a study published by Hanker in 2012 [1] which found that ovarian cancer patients who failed three lines of chemotherapy were expected to live 8.9 months after the day when their chemotherapy stopped working. Eight of the ten patients in the ovarian study survived beyond the time predicted by the Hanker study. The median overall survival of all ten patients was 21.2 months or 645 days with a range from 171 to 1140 days from their last round of chemotherapy that failed prior to HEATT®. Application of HEATT® using the CoreHFC™ device increased patient survival a median of over 12 months longer than expected.

In summary, while 20% of patients in the HEATT® study did not show a survival benefit, 80% of patients treated in the HEATT® study lived beyond the survival time predicted by efficacy data from traditional chemotherapy available at the time of the study. Those eight patients lived a median of 17 months longer than expected with some patients living more than three years beyond the time of their original failed course of treatment prior to HEATT®. 

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