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"As I have shared with you in the past, the last three months of my wife’s life while she was part of the trial were the best three months since she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She felt good, she was excited about the trial and what it might do for her as well as others.” 

~Tom, Husband of Ovarian Clinical Trial Patient

"I am amazed at how quickly my body bounces back. I am even able to walk 1/2 mile, give or take… I do know I will return to chemo after this trial is over but it has given my body some much needed time away from chemo! When I first arrived in California, I was limping due to neuropathy and short of breath as well. I do not limp and not short of breath now. That's my story. And I pray for all of the people fighting this terrible disease & those fighting to cure it! God bless you all!"

~Ovarian Clinical Trial Patient, No. 10

"We are so grateful to all of you for the difference you made in our Mom’s life.  We miss our Mom so much but we are at peace because the last two months of her life were so good thanks to HEATT®."

~Daughter of Ovarian Clinical Trial Patient

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