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Verthermia® has a heart for patients with advanced unresponsive cancer and is leading the way to provide hope for those who have not been helped by traditional therapies. With exciting results from two FDA Phase 1 clinical trials, we believe HEATT® showed damage and destruction in lung and ovarian cancers. Verthermia® developed HEATT® with the aim to extend life and enhance the quality of daily living for those facing their last line of defense against cancer. As an eligible therapy to treat patients under physician-directed treatment, ®Verthermia’s application of whole-body hyperthermia via its patented system is opening doors for patients who are not ready to give up. Our partnership with First Baptist Medical Center in Dallas, TX, allows access to HEATT® for eligible patients. Expansion into new partner institutions and clinical treatment facilities is on the horizon as we seek to help physicians support additional patients in their personal fight against cancer.

For the past 30+ years, Roger Vertrees, Ph.D., founder and Chief Science Officer, and Joseph Zwischenberger, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Verthermia®, have studied the impact of whole-body hyperthermia on the human body. Based on the century-old research of Wm. B. Coley who demonstrated that properly applied heat had therapeutic effects on tumors, Dr. Vertrees and Dr. Zwischenberger began experimenting with the impact of heat on cancer cells. 

Dr. Vertrees devoted the next two decades to continuing his research and development of our patented system to deliver the therapy, and then launched Verthermia® in 2012. Over the next few years, Dr. Vertrees put together the current clinical team, including Chief Clinical Officer Jan Winetz, M.D., a partner in the development of our patented system, to conduct the Phase 1 clinical trial on ovarian cancer. 

With the addition of Mitchel May, the current CEO, in 2017, the path to increasing access of HEATT® with an aim to extend and enhance life for those who have had all other treatments proven unsuccessful. For almost a century the science has shown heat to be effective in destroying metastatic cancers, but the technology was behind. With ®Verthermia’s researched therapy and patented system, technology has finally caught up to science.

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