By expanding institutional and clinical partnerships in 2021, access to HEATT® will be extended to new locations to positively impact more lives.  ®Vethermia’s ability to quickly come to market in the coming year after successful phase 1 clinical trials drives our relentless commitment to restoring hope for those in hospice due to cancer. 



In addition to expanded research on the effectiveness of HEATT® in additional cancers, Verthermia Acquisition, Inc will continue to invest in the development of its technologies to develop the most effective devices for the delivery of HEATT®.


With research based evidence of the impact of hyperthermia to create injury to virus cells much like cancer cells, Verthermia Acquisition, Inc intends to investigate the application of HEATT® to deadly viruses, such as Covid-19, bringing further light on this area of science.   

Covid 19


With two FDA Phase-1 Clinical Trials completed, Verthermia Acquisition is expanding clinical trials using HEATT® in early 2021. Research focused on HEATT®'s effectiveness on additional metastatic cancers, including pancreatic cancer,  will be central to new studies. New clinical trials will allow us to extend life for more patients who have exhausted their treatment options. 

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With the establishment of The Verthermia Foundation in 2020, the foundation aspires to assist with patient financial needs and further R&D. Donors supporting The Verthermia Foundation help to bring this treatment into the hands of even more patients through patient financial support to off-set the costs of of therapy that may not be covered by insurance. Additional financial contributions for Research and Development support the advancement of this therapy to reach more patients affected by cancer.

Lending a Helping Hand