Lending a Helping Hand

Patients First

Pursuit of Excellence

Science with Integrity

Our mission is to extend and enhance life for people with terminal cancers who are on hospice or are hospice eligible​. 

Our mission is at the core of everything we do. The successful Phase 1 clinical trials of Verthermia® drive our relentless commitment to restore hope for those in hospice due to cancer. We bring innovation in the use of whole-body hyperthermia for physician-directed treatment to fight cancer where other treatments have proven unsuccessful. Our shared values of Patients First, Pursuit of Excellence, and Science with Integrity lead us to pursue research and development of whole-body hyperthermia as a last resort with an aim to extend life and enhance daily living for those facing a determination of hospice. Abiding by our values of Science with Integrity and Pursuit of Excellence has led to some exciting discoveries in the use of whole-body hyperthermia to treat deadly viruses in addition to cancer. We pledge to continue to investigate how HEATT® therapy can be a means to fight deadly diseases.