Clinical Trial-Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Awareness: Micrograph of

The Verthermia® team conducted an FDA phase 1 clinical trial during 2014-2015, resulting in significant findings on the positive impact of the HEATT® (formally VV-PISH) procedure on increasing the survival rate and ability to engage in daily living activities. All 10 patients enrolled in the study were in hospice or hospice eligible and completed at least one cycle of HEATT®. HEATT® is a whole-body hyperthermic therapy in which patient’s blood is heated to the therapeutic level of 42°C for a sustained period-of-time. Doctors monitor patients’ vitals in order to ensure safety to body systems. Verthermia®’s patent-pending device, CoreHFC™, ensures the heated blood is continuously circulated and toxic-biproducts removed. All patients in the clinical trial had terminal, stage IV ovarian cancer and failed at least a second-line chemotherapy treatment. The summary of results that follow indicate to the Verthermia® team that the HEATT® process can be delivered safely, extend life expectancy, enhance daily living activities, destroy or limit growth of existing tumors, increase effectiveness of previously failed traditional therapies, and illicit an immune response resulting in further destruction of tumor cells post-procedure.